My Trip To India And Australia: Part 7 – Accommodations And Transport In India

I got a couple of requests to comment on my accommodations at the Fortune Select Excalibur in Gurgaon. Well, the place is rather upscale. My room is nice and so is the rest of the hotel. I’ve used the fitness area a couple of times to try an keep up my attempts to get in better shape and lose weight (I am 100 kilos and I would like to get down to 79 kilos or less). I’ve had breakfast here and that’s good as well. WiFi was a bit of a problem. You’ll recall that they had to issue me a new code to get me onto WiFi when the original code wouldn’t work. That worked until tonight and the hotel issued me with a new code that I confirmed will last the remainder of my stay.

I’ve also been asked what I mean by this statement from my last post:

One thing that caught my eye is that when we drove up, it was heavily fortified. There were concrete blocks on the road arranged to slow cars down and a gate where the driver stopped while a security guard used a mirror on a pole to check underneath the car. Presumably for explosives.

Here’s a picture:

IMG_0885The way into the hotel is on the right (cars drive on the left hand side of the road just like in the UK). You can see the blocks that I talked about. What you can’t see clearly is the gate at the bottom left of the picture. That’s where you stop and have the guards look at your car. I am guessing that this level of security is a result of the 2008 Mumbai Attacks where hotels among other places were attacked in a co-ordinated manner leaving scores dead. Unfortunate, but understandable.

Now in terms of transport, the company I am working for has arranged a car to pick me up and drop me off from their offices which are about 10 minutes away in clear traffic, 30 minutes in rush hour (which is way more chaotic than in any other city I’ve been to). Because of that, the only parts of Gurgaon I’ve seen are in the car that takes me from point to point. I’ll try to snap some pictures before I leave. Another thing to point out is that I’ve been dissuaded by the company I am working for to explore the city on foot or in a cab. That’s unfortunate. But I have to trust that they have my best interests in mind.

I am here until the end of the week. Thus you can expect one more post before I fly a total of 16 hours to Melbourne Australia via Dubai. Stay tuned.


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