My Trip To India And Australia: Part 10 – Return To Dubai

So, after an uneventful flight from New Delhi, I am back in Dubai waiting for my connection flight to Melbourne Australia. Seeing as I had time on my hands, I wanted to give you an better idea of what this the Dubai International Airport is like. So I snapped a few more pics to add to the ones from the last time I came through this airport.  This is a very high end airport with a lot of rich clientele as evidenced by these pictures:

IMG_0972 IMG_0975 IMG_0973Yes, they actually had luxury cars that you could either win (the Bentley) or buy (the BMW). But really expensive stuff isn’t all that caught my eye:


If you travel with small children, Emirates actually provides free baby strollers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this at any other airport. Also, for the next 13.5 hours, I’ll be aboard this:


This is the Emirates A380 that I was impressed with when I flew from Toronto to Dubai. I’m looking forward to being on it again as it was really comfortable.

One more thing. I’m typing this using Skype WiFi combined with the Skype credits that I always have on my Skype account to get online. After the craptastic WiFi at Indira Gandhi Airport, I really liked being able to get online easily and have decent speed and good signal strength. But I said it when I was here a week ago and I’ll say it again. Free “all you can eat” WiFi would have been appreciated. Toronto has it. Why can’t Dubai?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to grab a bite before my flight and the next time you hear from me, I should be on the ground Down Under.


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