My Trip To India And Australia: Part 14 – Sights In The Melbourne CBD

I spent Sunday and part of Monday in the Melbourne CBD looking around and shopping for a handbag for my wife under her direction. I also snapped a whole lot of pictures and let you show you some of the pictures that I took.

First, I spent some time walking along the Yarra River with the Melbourne skyline the background:

IMG_1005 IMG_1011

From this picture, you can see the location where the Australian Open Tennis Championship is played: IMG_1004Speaking of sports, this coming weekend is the opening race of the Formula 1 racing season with the race at nearby Albert Park. I came across this display with a Ferrari Formula 1 car:


Also along with river is the Crown Melbourne Casino:


I also took a trip the Melbourne’s Chinatown. It is the longest continuous Chinese settlement in the Western World and one of the oldest Chinatowns in the Southern Hemisphere.

IMG_1055_2 IMG_1048_2 IMG_1050_2I came across some lion dancers while I was there:

IMG_1046_2Here’s a shot of Parliament for the state of Victoria:


The ferris wheel that you see in this shot is the Melbourne Star. Their answer to the London Eye.


Near the harbor is the Etihad Stadium which is the home to sporting events inculding Aussie Rules Football. It has a retractable roof that takes 8 minutes to close. I had lunch in the area as there’s all sorts of fine dining there:

IMG_1026On my way back to the hotel via rail, I noted the architecture of Southern Cross Station which reminded me of train stations in Europe:

IMG_1070_2Around the hotel that I am staying at, it has quite the nightlife outside. There’s a lot of restaurants, most of which reflect Melbourne Asian community:

IMG_1074IMG_1073 IMG_1075 IMG_1076That continues inside inside the arcade next to the hotel which includes a movie theater:

IMG_1077IMG_1071 IMG_1072Clearly Melbourne has a lot to offer. I was lucky that I had the opportunity to see some of the sights. I’d love the chance to come back and see more. As it stands, I am here until early Thursday morning where I begin my journey home after two weeks on the road. Starting with my experiences flying home on a Qantas Airlines A380. That should be interesting to compare it to the Emirates Airlines A380. Watch for it.


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