Review: 2015 Buick Regal Turbo AWD – Part 3

The interior of the Buick Regal Turbo is easily on par with what you find on cars from the usual German and Japanese luxury suspects. Let me take you through the interior from front to back:


The driver’s seat is 10 way adjustable and is heated. It’s a bit wide for my tastes, but it is comfortable and the leather is nice. The front passenger gets the same treatment by the way.

IMG_1267The level of detail is high in the Regal. Take the driver’s door for example. Besides the fact that all the door, window, trunk, and mirror controls are on the door, the wood, leather and chrome that’s on the door is straight off the top shelf. Also, the stitching on any surface that I examined was exceptionally well done.


Audio is provided by Bose and it sounds great.


To the left of the steering wheel, there’s the controls for the exterior lights.


Below that is a cubby for change or other small items that is handy to have.


The instrument cluster is pretty interesting. Even in lighting conditions like the one that this picture was taken in, the gauges were easy to read. The center portion can be customized to display whatever info you’re interested in. Not only that, but navigation info is replicated here which saves you from having to glance at the touchscreen.


The steering wheel is leather wrapped and heated. It has redundant controls for the audio, plus it has controls for the cruise control, phone and the instrument cluster. I really liked the feel of it in my hands.


Why am I showing you the rear view mirror? Note the buttons on the bottom. Those are for OnStar which is exclusive to GM vehicles. I’ll go into more detail about what OnStar can do for you tomorrow.


The center console is interesting. You get a good sized touchscreen and CD player. You also get a mix of buttons for the infotainment and HVAC controls along with touch sensitive surfaces to set the temperature and seat heaters. The latter doesn’t work if you’re wearing gloves, and they proved to be a bit finicky.


There’s a small space below that for small objects and it has a 12V outlet.


The shifter is leather wrapped and has chrome accents that look good. Below that, you can see the electronic parking brake as well as another space for small items like coins.


You get a pair of cupholders and you have a sliding cover to put them out of sight.

FullSizeRender They easily hold a Venti sized coffee from Starbucks.


There is a very small storage area beneath the armrest. Here you get a 12v outlet and two USB ports along with an 1/8″ audio port and SD card reader.


There’s a decent sized glove box and though you can’t see it in this picture, it is lit.


You get a good sized moonroof in the Regal to let some extra light in.


The back seats has plenty of room for two adults or three kids.


If you don’t need to seat three people, you can use this flip down section that has a storage area as well as two cupholders.


There’s HVAC vents for rear passengers along with…

IMG_1284…. A 110V outlet. Handy for charging your tablet or phone.


The trunk is shallow in terms of the depth, but it is long and there’s a lot of space here as evidenced here by our trip for groceries as well as beer. Note the fact that the hinges are enclosed so that they don’t crush anything beneath them.


There’s a handle on the trundled that makes it easy to close the trunk without getting your hands dirty.

As I said earlier, this interior is extremely well executed. Clearly a lot of time and effort was put in to make this interior as good as it is. I’m pretty sure that if you benchmark it against the usual suspects from Germany and Japan, you’ll find that it will hold its own easily against them.

Tomorrow I will be looking at the technology in the Regal and it has a lot of it. Including some items that are unique. Stay tuned!


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