In Depth: Keeper DNA

Let’s face it. Having secure passwords for all your online accounts and keeping track of them is hard. So users take shortcuts by doing things like using simplistic passwords an reusing one password in all their accounts. That opens you up to getting pwned by some hacker. That’s bad for both individuals and business alike. Keeper Security aims to change the game on this front by introducing Keeper DNA Authentication.

Here’s how it works.

With Keeper DNA Authentication, access to a user’s private information is determined by physical elements of the user’s body, such as a fingerprint or retina, or proximity to wireless devices, such as a smart thermostat, smartwatch or wifi network. The combination of these biometric factors, connected objects and IoT devices create a unique profile for the user that is automatically used by Keeper DNA to automatically verify the users identity. Think of it like the DNA in your body where DNA is unique. So are all the devices in your life. The advantage of the way Keeper DNA does things is that it’s far easier and more secure than cumbersome traditional multi-factor authentication methods which usually require manual entry of a code received via a hard token (for example a key fob) or to a smartphone via SMS or voice. Another advantage is that this is multi-factor authentication which makes your private information way more secure.

Keeper is available on all major Smartphones, Tablets and Computers platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC, BlackBerry, Kindle, and Windows Phone. Keeper is free for local password management on your device. Premium subscription provides cloud­ based features and premium device­ specific features including Sync, Backup & Restore, Secure Sharing, File Storage and multi­ device usage. Take a look at it to make your digital life secure.


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