In Depth: Yappn

E-commerce for the most part has been “local” and confined to same language geo locations but with over 3 Billion people surfing around the world on desktops, tables and mobile devices, over 70% don’t surf the net in English. To save you from having to do the math, that’s over 2 Billion people and growing. Thus bridging the global language barrier and extending brands to other markets by providing browsing experiences in a persons native language is vital.

Yappn Corp. has altered this paradigm with an API (application programming interface) called the Windrose Global Ecommerce framework that renders any ecommerce site into a global site by enabling real time translation in up to 67 languages inclusive of the shopping cart checkout. The system integration enables entertainment companies, ecommerce companies and other enterprises reach global audiences in their native and sell to them. This happens instantly in 67 languages with very high fidelity and accuracy and without any human translation or intervention.

Focused on the ecommerce market, Yappn is the only language solution to support the entire sales cycle, from Online Marketing (advertisement, social wall and fotoyapp) to ecommerce sales (online store, catalog, shopping cart and check-out) all the way to the customer care (multilingual chat, live and global events, video captioning and online live chat). Yappn helps retailers to greatly expand their global reach by presenting, promoting and supporting  the sale of one single store in up to 67 languages, all in real-time. The net result is that we will have an Internet that is open and accessible to all regardless what language a person speaks.

The first appearance of the Windrose Global Ecommerce framework will be in a Shopify app which will be available in Shopify’s app store by late-June. Yappn’s Windrose Global Ecommerce application for Shopify is a Microsoft Azure cloud recurring fee based software-as-a- service (SaaS) deliverable that is a combination of native Shopify application (app) and a cloud-based portal. If you’re a vendor with an online presence, and you want to easily expand your reach, take a look at Yappn’s technology.

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