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I recently attended an event to celebrate the launch of AXIS Gear which is being developed by a Toronto based startup. AXIS Gear is a first-of-its-kind home automation device that motorizes new and existing window shades in a matter of minutes. Here’s what the Gear looks like:


It is powered by this:


This is a solar panel that provides power to a rechargeable battery inside the Gear. If the lighting conditions don’t make this option feasible, there’s a battery pack powered by alkaline batteries that will charge the battery inside the gear for up to 1 year.

Gear uses a revolutionary new design that controls the beaded chain or cord loop of any window shade to motorize it.Β Gear is compatible with all beaded chains and cord loops regardless of material, diameter and number of beads. This means it can motorize a wide variety of window treatments – from roller shades to verticals and draperies.

Once installed, users can control and schedule their blinds through either the smartphone app (The company plans support for Android and iOS, but don’t be surprised if Windows Phone appears on the menu as i saw this demonstrated with a Windows Phone) or via its intuitive on-device controls. You can swipe upwards on the device or swipe downwards to make your window shades go up or down. Plus you can group multiple Gears together so that you can open a room full of shades. Finally, it has sensors so that if there’s too much light in the room, the blinds will close automatically for example. Integration with leading smart home systems and standards such as HomeKit and Nest is planned.

The company is starting anΒ Indiegogo campaign today and will run for a month so that they can raise funds to begin production in Canada. A special early bird price of $125 CAD is available to those who join the campaign. They should start shipping in late 2016 and you can expect them to show up in major retailers if all goes to plan.

I’ll be reviewing the AXIS Gear when they start shipping out review units. Watch for that sometime in 2016.

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  1. Still isn’t really shipping. I waited over 19 months for my ‘shipping in 8 weeks’ product. Total vaporware. I got a refund after harrasing them for 3 months.

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