Review: Jeep Renegade Trailhawk 4×4 – Part 1

Every car company is getting into the sub compact SUV space. The reason being that it’s a fast growing segment of the automotive marketplace. This class of vehicle give you a lot of utility in a small package which makes it perfect for those in urban environments, or for those who don’t need something the size of a Jeep Cherokee or Honda CR-V. Speaking of Jeep, they have a entry into this fast growing segment of the market in the form of the Jeep Renegade:


From the front, it has all the classic looks of Jeeps of days gone by, but kind of cute at the same time. The two tow hooks on the front are functional by the way. Oh, remember this look because we’ll be revisiting it in part three of this review.


From the side, the look reminds me of a shrunken Jeep Wrangler.


The rear reminds me of the Willys MB Jeeps used in World War II that were the originators of the Jeeps that we have today. You should also note that there’s a trailer hitch included with this particular Jeep. That’s an important thing to mention as this Jeep will tow 2000 lbs which is at the top of the sub compact SUV class.


There’s no gas cap. Instead you simply open the gas flap and stick the nozzle in. This guarantees that is there’s zero chance that you will forget to tighten the gas cap after a fill up which in turn will throw a check engine light.


I should also note that it’s Trail Rated, which means that unlike most of its competition, the Jeep Renegade has legitimate off road capability. We’ll test that out in part two of this review.

I’ll be posting a multi-part review that will cover the following sections:

  • Engine, transmission, handling, fuel economy, and driving comfort
  • Interior
  • Technology in the vehicle
  • Wrap up

This week, I’ll see if the Jeep Renegade lives up to the Jeep heritage, or if it’s a poser in Jeep’s clothing. Stay tuned.

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