The IT Nerd Award For The Best Car Of 2015 Goes To: Buick Regal Turbo


The 2015 Buick Regal Turbo was a car that really blew my mind and shattered any pre-conceptions that I had about Buick. When my wife and I got it for a one week test drive, my wife referred it it as an “old-man’s car.” But by the end of the week we found that it was driving a quick, agile and very refined sports sedan that easily competes against luxury competition form Germany and Japan. Not to mention that it was a far from being an “old-man’s car” as you could possibly get. If this car is what we can expect from Buick in the future, then their future is bright. If you’re in the market for a luxury sports sedan, you need to head to your local Buick dealer and test drive the Regal Turbo as it is a very worthy winner of the best car of 2015.


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