Review: 2016 Mazda MX-5 GT – Part 5

So I’ve come to the end of my week long review of the Mazda MX-5 GT. Now, what does it compete against? I guess you could look at the Audi TT, or the Porsche Boxter, or for that matter the Mercedes Benz SLK or the BMW Z4  to name a few. But everything on that list go for way more than the MX-5. Thus this is the the most accessible to the everyday person while not sacrificing any of the fun to drive factor.

My final fuel economy was 7.3 L/100KM’s. I didn’t exactly try to drive in a fuel efficient manner. But I did drive in a mix of city roads and highways. Not to mention rush hour traffic. Thus the Skyactiv magic clearly works in the MX-5 GT to make this roadster insanely fuel efficient.

The Mazda MX-5 starts at $31,900 CDN but the GT trim level that I had this week goes for $39,200 and it had pretty much every option box checked. Though I will point out that if you take the GS trim with the sport package and a manual transmission, you can get a different sort of MX-5 roadster as you get Brembo Brakes, BBS wheels, and Recaro seats. In other words, all the bits and pieces to make track days fun and impress your friends. All of this is available at a mere $500 more than what was in the MX-5 that I was driving this week. If that isn’t cool enough for you, there’s always the recently announced MX-5 RF which has fastback styling and retractable hardtop coolness with no decrease in trunk space. Cue the drooling.

I’ll sum up my review this way. The MX-5 is a fun to drive roadster which will appeal to a variety of audiences starting from those who are having a mid life crisis all the way to those who want a car with perfect weight distribution to take out on a track day to induce various levels of understeer and oversteer at will. It’s fuel efficient and won’t break the bank. Other than the fact that you won’t exactly be going to the grocery store to stock up on food for a family of four in it, you can’t really find a reason not to like the MX-5. No wonder it’s been around for 25 years, and is still the roadster that others in this class of car aspire to be.


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