Review: McAfee Total Protection

These days, you have a lot of choice when it comes to securing your devices. Both free and paid options are available for users on a number of platforms. One the latter choices is McAfee Total Protection which is a multi-platform solution that protects you for any and all threats whether you use a Mac, PC, smartphone, or tablet. To fully test this, I set this up on both my Macs, my Windows 10 computer, an iPhone, and an Android phone.

On all platforms, the product was very easy to install and manage from a web based console, and it had very minimal impact to the performance of whatever device I tried it on. Plus it found every test virus that I threw at it. But some of the features varied from platform to platform. For example: 

  • PC: McAfee Total Protection includes LiveSafe includes a two-way firewall and a vulnerability scanner that proactively maintains the latest Windows updates. There are parental controls so you can block content that you might find objectionable, limit the time of sessions on the computer and receive reports that help you monitor online behavior. The app will flag any malicious sites returned in search results and it also does not let intruders reach your PC over a Wi-Fi network. The PC version also repairs any problems that might arise in the Windows registry and it includes a file shredder that destroys deleted files so that file recovery software will not be able to find and resurrect them.

  • Mac: McAfee Total Protection antimalware, antispyware and antiphishing, LiveSafe scans incoming email and instant messages and can repair and remove infections from files without damaging the files. LiveSafe supports Safari and will color code web search results to warn you about malicious sites.
  • On smartphones and tablets, the application takes care of malware and spyware. And whether you are using iOS or Android, there are utilities that allow you to recover from a lost or stolen device by locating and tracking it on a map and wiping its data remotely. Though, iOS and Android do the latter natively. Thus I wonder how valuable that is. Also, there isn’t really a whole lot of threats on the iOS platform. Thus I wonder how valuable that is. 

McAfee Total Protection is a subscription based service that is $50 a year. You get to protect an unlimited amount of devices. However, you also get 5 licences for True Key by Intel Security which Recognizes your face or fingerprint, secures your passwords, and instantly logs you in to your websites and apps across your devices. If using a free applicaiton isn’t an option for you, McAfee Total Protection is an option that you should look at regardless of what platform you’re on. 


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