Review: 2017 Mazda6 GT – Part 1

The Mazda6 is one of my favorite mid-sized cars as it’s great on gas, has lots of power, handles well, and is on the luxurious side. It was a very easy choice for an IT Nerd Award a couple of years ago. This week, I have the 2017 Mazda6 GT which came painted in a brilliant shade of red:






The cool looking Kodo design that makes it look like it is fast even standing still is still there. But it has had the addition of LED headlights for the 2017 model year. Mazda has also changed a bunch of stuff on the inside and mechanically which I will cover in this review. Speaking of this review, here’s what it will cover in five parts:

  • Engine, transmission, handling, fuel economy, and driving comfort
  • Interior
  • Technology in the vehicle
  • Wrap up

One last note, the photos that are part of this five part review were taken using the ZTE Axon 7 smartphone. Please click here to read the review of that phone. 

Tomorrow, I’ll be covering the fact that this mid-sized sedan comes with a 2.5l 4 cylinder engine as opposed to a V6 or a turbo 4 cylinder. How well does that work? Tune in tomorrow to find out.


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