Review: Letgo

Everyone has stuff that they want to get rid of. And to do so, you have lots of options. A garage sale, Craigslist, and eBay just to name a few. But a new option has just popped up in Canada called Letgo. It’s a mobile phone application that is available for iOS and Android that allows you to not only easily sell the stuff that you don’t want, but it also allows buyers to easily contact you. The app also leverages the location services in your smartphone to help you to find items that you’re looking for in your area. Best of all, it is free to both sellers and buyers and the company doesn’t take a percentage of the sale from either party. I test drove the Android version of this app over the weekend to see if is truly another option for those who want to buy and sell items privately.

For sellers, all you do to get an item listed is the following:

  1. Download the app
  2. Create a profile and tap the Camera icon. (You can have multiple photos for each item that you list)
  3. Select a picture from your gallery or take a featured photo that clearly shows the item.
  4. Set a reasonable price or leave it as negotiable and tap the “Done” button.
  5. To add a title, a description or a category, tap “Add more details”.

It is literally that straightforward and I was able to get several items online very quickly. Not only that, I got responses to everything that I posted well within 24 hours. Though I will note that people on Letgo appear to be more inclined to want to haggle about what they want to pay more than on Craigslist or similar classified services.

When it comes to buyers, all they have to do is explore the different categories or browse the home page for interesting items. When you see something you like, tap the item and start a chat with the seller by tapping the chat button at the bottom of the item’s photo.The chat is an instant message style chat and it’s a quick as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or any other instant message system. Alternately, you can tap the “Search” icon and enter the name of the product you want to buy. I did some test searches and everything from smartphones to cars were not only available for sale, but easy to find.

Now while this is a smartphone app, they do have a website that you can log into and do most things that the smartphone app does with the exception of post items for sale. That’s a bit of a #fail as there is a use case for people who may want to use photos that are on their computer rather than their smartphone. Another possible #Fail is the fact that the app shows an approximate location of where the seller is with no option to not show a location. The reason why I consider that to be a possible #fail is due to the fact that there are likely some out there who would feel that displaying even an approximate location is problematic. Thus there should be some means to control that in my opinion.

Letgo is available now in Canada and is worth a try to sell items that are occupying space in your home and to find second hand items that you’re looking for in your area. It’s easy to use and is an alternative to the usual online classified services and eBay. Just make sure you’re using it from an iOS or Android device.



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