Review: Leef iBridge 3

My last few iPhones have been 16GB models. That eventually presented me with a problem. I was constantly running out of space. After all, unlike many Android phones, you cannot add additional storage to your iPhone. I had to make decisions on what I could store on it and that was kind of difficult as to get content on and off of it on the fly wasn’t possible. Thus, I had to make decisions up front on what I wanted on my iPhone. At the time, I wish had something like the Leef iBridge 3 to help me manage what was on my iPhone. Here’s what the iBridge 3 looks like:


On the left is the iBridge 3. It comes in capacities from 16GB all the way up to 256GB. On the left carrying case for it. The iBridge 3 has a Lightning connector at one end to plug into your iPhone or iPad and a USB 3 connector at the other end. You need the iBridge 3 app that’s available at the app store to move content on and off the device to your iOS device. The app is very simple to use as illustrated by this:


Here’s what each function does:

  • Transfer Photos: This allows you to move photos on and off your iDevice.
  • Leef Camera: This offers a simple camera function that allows you to take photos on your iPhone or iPad which are saved directly to the iBridge rather than the internal device memory.
  • Media: You can use this to move music, movies and the like on and off your iDevice.
  • Manage Files: This is a file manager that allows you organize files on the iBridge 3.

For security purposes, you can assign a PIN code or use Touch ID to lock it down. There’s one other thing. Users can then set up an automatic backup in the settings that allows you to back up photos and contacts. That gives you a means to back up your iOS device easily. Alternately you can plug the USB 3 end of the iBridge 3 into your Mac or PC and move files on and off it as iBridge 3 is recognized as a standard USB drive. All of this can be done easily by novices and power users alike. I really didn’t find anything negative to say about the iBridge 3. It works as advertised and works well. 

If you are looking for a device to free up storage space on your iOS device, and backup your data then I recommend the iBridge 3. It is available from in sizes from 16GB at a cost of $49.99 USD to 256GB at a cost of $399.99 USD. Check it out if you are challenged for space on your iPhone or iPad. 


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