Review: OtterBox Statement Case For iPhone 7 Plus

I recently became the new owner of an unlocked iPhone 7 Plus. Seeing as it is one of the matte black models, and I use the phone to record my efforts when I cycle, hike or cross country ski, I wanted to protect it from drops and the like. But I also wanted a case that didn’t make the phone any bigger than it was. I recalled that I had previously used the OtterBox Statement Case for the iPhone 6 when I had that phone. So I decided that I’d try the version for the iPhone 7 Plus.

One of the things that I like about this case is that it is thin. The iPhone 7 Plus isn’t a small phone, and having this case on it still allows me to put it in my pocket comfortably. It has a bit of a lip around it that makes sure the screen is less likely to come in contact with whatever surface you put it on if you lay the phone on a table with the screen facing downwards, or if the phone drops and lands screen first. But the main reason why I wanted this case is that it is Drop Plus Certified. Meaning that they test it to make sure it will survive drops and bumps. That’s important when you’ve just shelled out $1200 on a phone. It also has redundant buttons for the volume controls and the power button. The latter I found harder to press which may be a good thing as your phone would be less likely to switch on in your pocket. All of this comes in a very minimalist package which adds to the look of the phone rather than subtracts from it.

The OtterBox Statement Case For iPhone 7 Plus is available from OtterBox directly or from the Apple Store and other retailers. I got mine for $49 CDN. You should seriously consider getting one if you want great protection in a minimalist package.


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