Review: Orico 2.5″ Portable Hard Drive Protection Bag (PHD-25) & Portable Hard Drive Carrying Case (PHB-25)

My wife and I needed to get cases for our external hard drives during our road trip to Newfoundland. My wife and I chose two different Orico products. In her case, she chose the Orico 2.5 inch Portable Hard Drive Protection Bag because of the color:IMG_0705.jpg

This is a moistureproof, dustproof and antistatic case made for 2.5″ hard drives. The outside has a bit of a nylon shell on the outside which is purple because my wife liked the color on this case.

In my case, I chose an all black Orico Portable Hard Drive Carrying Case:


This case is made of high-quality EVA waterproof material. That makes it durable, wearable, scratch resistant and not easily deformed.

In either case, you get this on the inside:


On the left, you get a mesh net, on the right you get a strap. Here’s how I utilized this space:


Here you can see the Western Digital My Passport For Mac hard drive. Everything fit without an issue and in either case, my wife and I had no issues. Both cases are about $20 CDN at your local computer store. Pick one up to protect your external hard drive.



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