Review: 2018 Mazda CX-3 GT AWD – Part 3

Mazda has some impressive interiors and the 2018 CX-3 GT is no exception. Let’s start with the driver’s seat:


The seats are leather with a suede insert to keep you from sliding about. As long as you are 6 feet tall or less, you’ll have no problem finding a good driving position. I say that because if you are any taller, you might feel a bit cramped. The seats are heated and have memory settings for two drivers. It’s 10 way power adjustable as well.


The door has leather and suede inserts and some chrome accents around the door handle. Plus if you look closely…..


You’ll see some faux carbon fiber.


Audio in the CX-3 is provided by Bose.


Below the circular air vent are the buttons to defeat the various electronic overseers. You’ll also notice on the floor that there’s a dead pedal which is handy for long drives.


The steering wheel is heated, leather wrapped, and feels good in your hands. It also includes paddle shifters on the back and all the buttons you need to run the CX-3 on the front.


The gauge cluster is distinctive and easy to read in all lighting conditions.


The 7″ infotainment screen is on the dash and is readable in all lighting conditions. Below it is the hazard light button.


HVAC controls, switches for the heated seats and steering wheel, and a CD player along with two USB ports are present. There’s also a 3.5″ audio jack that you can’t see as the shifter is in the way.


Behind the shifter is the HMI commander switch for the infotainment system. Behind that are two cupholders. To the left is a leather wrapped handbrake.


The cupholders fit a Starbucks venti sized drink with no issue.


This is a cubby for change and other small items. Missing from this is an armrest with storage which makes storage of items inside the CX-3 along with somewhere to rest your right arm a bit of a challenge.


You get a decent sized glovebox.


A power moonroof lets the outside inside.


The back seats like the front ones are leather with suede inserts. You’re not going to fit three people back here unless they’re kids. But acting as the designated driver, I got two adults who were under 6 feet tall back here with no issue.


Even though this is a sub compact crossover, you get a lot of storage space in the back. And you can get more in a couple of ways….


First there’s storage under the floor which can be handy……


Second you can use the 60/40 folding rear seats to give you room for long items.


The CX-3 fit our grocery haul with no issue.


There’s a handle on the hatch to allow you to close the hatch and keep your hands clean.

In pretty much every way I can think of, this is an interior that fits the description of being on that is a class above. It’s well put together and no issues were observed. Visibility is good as well. The only thing is that this is a small crossover and anyone over six feet tall may have issues living with it. If that’s you, Mazda has a CX-5 that they’d like you to take a look at. But other than that, I can’t criticize the interior at all.

Tomorrow I will take a look at the technology in the vehicle. And there’s a lot of it for such a small crossover. Stay tuned!


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