Review: Hex Brand Transit Tote

By Ms. IT Nerd

I have been on a journey to find the perfect tote ever since this past January when I lost my tote on the transit system. I realized that I like many people carry quite a bit everyday. At a bare minimum I needed a tote to carry my hefty 15” Mac book pro, an umbrella (after all it is spring time), my phone and wallet, one water bottle, my travel mug for coffee and lunch. So I was intrigued when the opportunity came to me to review the Hex Brand Transit Tote.


It is a well-built laptop tote (dimensions 16.75″L x 16.5″W x 5.5″H) as it strikes a balance between stylist and sturdy. It is well padded yet light. And it’s better looking than what the pictures show. As far as I can tell it comes in only one colour which is black. But the lack of a colour choice doesn’t matter as it looks stylish. I have already had two of my girlfriends ask me where I got this new bag. That tells you everything you need to know right there.

What I also like in this tote is how much it can hold.


I have found some other totes have a smallish opening that ends up making it hard to slide a laptop in or it is restrictive to sliding a regular Tupperware box in or anything else that you want to carry. The Hex tote is wide enough for all those things. This is the first tote that I feel that I can do away with my purse as it has these nice external snap pockets:


There are two in the back and one in the front which I like as they are snug to the bag and keeps your stuff secure.


This Hex tote also contains these well-designed internal organizers that allows for easy access while keeping your stuff secure as it has a large durable zipper. I feel that this tote is lighter than other totes made with leather as it is made of a durable neoprene fabric that is water resistant and has handles for you to carry. The adjustable shoulder strap gives you the option to set it up in a cross-body bag configuration (which is my preference) or a shoulder bag.

The Hex Transit Tote retails for approximately $99 US or $130 CDN. This stylish tote bag hits all the check marks for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


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