Review: Jisoncase Slim Leather Case For iPhone 7 Plus & Leather bag for iPhone 6

I have a two for one for you today. I’m reviewing not one, but two iPhone cases from Jisoncase. Let’s start with the Slim Leather Case For iPhone 7/8 Plus:


It’s a leather case that is extremely slim and covers the top, back and sides of the phone. The bottom is still exposed leaving the speakers and the lighting port accessible. However the bottom corners are covered.


On the left side, there are indents for the volume buttons as well as a cutout for the mute switch.

IMG_3744 2.jpg

On the right there’s an indent for the power button. The screen of the iPhone is just below the edge of the case though which might bother some. Inside the case there’s a sheet of microfibre that will keep the back of your iPhone from getting scratched. The case initially felt slippery when I first put it on, which made me feel that it was going to slip out of my hand. But after using it for a few days, I found that this initial feeling disappeared. The build quality was excellent and I was able smell the leather. It gave my iPhone 7 Plus a very upscale look. The only caveat that I have is that a case this slim will not provide much drop protection. If you’re looking for that, Jinsoncase has other models that will fill that need. The Slim Leather Case For iPhone 7/8 Plus can be found on the Jisoncase online store,  Amazon and Aliexpress in a number of color choices and can be found for about $20 USD or less.

Now over to the Jisoncase Leather Bag For iPhone 6:


You slide the phone into the case and it closes with a magnetic clasp that is very secure.


On the bottom there are cutouts for the lightning port and headphone port, as well as holes for the speaker. Again the build quality is excellent and the leather felt very soft. My wife used this for a few days and she did note that it was initially tight when it came to sliding the phone in and out of the case. But it did loosen up after a while. She did note that this is likely a case that is aimed at someone who doesn’t check their phone all that often as it is a bit of an exercise to remove the phone and put it back in frequently. But having said that, if you are one of those people who like the feel of a naked phone, but want a case with a touch of class, this high quality good looking leather case is for you. It’s available at the Jisoncase online store and Aliexpress for $14 USD.

Jisoncase makes a number cases and accessories for a variety of devices. Based on the examples above, I’d encourage you to take a look at what they have to offer as they’ve got some great products on offer.




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