Review: Nomad Lightning Cable

When I shop for Lightning cables, I look for cables that will survive something longer than a month because most of them won’t. But fortunately for me, I have found one that will likely survive a very long time. And that cable is the Nomad Lightning Cable in the 1.5m length:


The cable is made up of braided ballistic nylon for abrasion and tear resistance. To make sure that there’s no interference that the cable is subject to, it has reinforced RF shielding. There’s a 2x thick protective PVC jacket and extra thick wire gauge and a robust polyamide core to make it durable. And you can feel that it is a quality cable simply by holding it. It has a strap to keep the cable tidy which is welcome.


Here’s a close up of the cable at the lighting end. You can see the braiding as well as the reinforcing that the cable has near the lightning connector which is where these cables tend to break. But in this case, it won’t break as it is rigid and clearly designed to survive pretty much anything.

So, how well does this cable work? I used it in my car which is usually the graveyard of cables. No issues there. I tossed it loosely in my laptop bag where it was crushed and abused when I put my MacBook Pro in it and took it out. No issues there either. I used it on my MacBook at my desk. No issues there. I even twisted it in hopes of trying to kill it. Seeing as it’s tested for 10,000 flexes.

In short, I couldn’t find a way to kill it.

Do you need a cable this tough? No. Not unless you like buying lesser quality lightning cables on a regular basis. I don’t like doing that so I will certainly put down my hard earned money on the Nomad Lightning Cable. Besides having a 1.5m length that goes for $29.95 USD, it’s also available in a length of 0.3M for $24.95 and 3M for $34.95. You can grab one at the Nomad website.

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