Review: Anker PowerLine Micro USB 3ft Cable

I needed a bunch of Micro USB cables to charge my cycling gear. To that end, I picked up six of these cables:


This is the Anker PowerLine Micro USB 3ft Cable which bills itself as a cable that is rugged and charges faster because it is made of thick gauge wire and has reduced cable resistance. Now the charging part is hard to quantify with the items that I was testing them with as they didn’t support fast charging. But I will say that this is a quality cable. It’s reinforced at both ends to resist breakage. It has an outer shell that is clearly made to be durable. Plus it comes with a velcro strap to keep things neat and tidy.

The price makes this cable a total winner. I paid $7 per cable on Amazon and come in five different colors as well as they come in a variety of lengths and types. If you need to pick up a few cables for your devices, this is great option for you.

2 Responses to “Review: Anker PowerLine Micro USB 3ft Cable”

  1. […] the computer need to be charged and ready to go. Thus I brought along my six port USB charger and USB cables to ensure that they were ready to go. Once everything was prepared, we headed out just after 10AM. […]

  2. […] both cyclocomputers. To facilitate that I used the Anker 60W 6-Port USB charger along with six Anker PowerLine Micro USB 3ft Cables. You’ll also note a clock radio that had two things going for it. First it was a bluetooth […]

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