Review: Rudy Project Agon Sunglasses

My wife and I have recently decided to make the move to using Rudy Project sunglasses for our cycling, cross country skiing, and other outdoors activities. Thus over the next few days I will be reviewing three pairs of sunglasses from Rudy Project. Starting with the Agon sunglasses that I will be using for driving and casual walking around.


The ones that I got have “Laser Black” lenses.  These lenses allow for about 12% light transmission. But I also notice that they enhance contrast and I can wear them while driving, or taking a walk in the woods or just walking around. The fact that they enhance contrast means that you can pick up small details that would have gone unnoticed even by the naked eye. Such has cracks in the road while driving or uneven terrain while hiking. That makes them the perfect general purpose sunglasses for me. Now these glasses were originally designed for cycling so I had to take them out for a training ride to see how they performed. At the end of a two hour training ride, I found that they weren’t moving about regardless of how much I was sweating.

One thing that I really appreciate is the fact that the nosepiece is adjustable. That’s something that was lacking with the Oakely Flak 2.0 sunglasses that these were replacing because I could never get the right fit with those. The Agons also include adjustable temple tips which allow you to further dial in the fit which is handy to get it to fit over a cycling helmet for example. But five minutes of playing with the Agon’s in both regards allowed me to get the perfect fit which is close to my face to keep out as much dust and wind as possible.

But the Agons have one really useful party trick that you should know about. They have venting that you can turn on and off. Rudy Project’s Integrated Vent Controller lets you choose between two difference lens positions:


This is open which allows for maximum venting.


This is closed which does not allow as much venting given that there is a notch on the side of the lens. I usually use them in this position and I have had no issues with fogging which was another problem that my Oakley Flak 2.0 had.

One final aspect that I would like to bring up is the look of these sunglasses on my face. Now looks are subjective, but I think that for most people the Agons will fly under the radar as they look like your average pair of sunglasses rather than something from a sci-fi movie.

The Rudy Project Agon glasses are on sale now at Rudy Project’s North American website with the ones that are on display here going for $119.99 USD with the regular price being $249.99. Though I am a proponent of you visiting your local Rudy Project dealer to find the right pair of sunglasses for you as Rudy Project offers a ton of lens choices and sunglass styles to fit your use case. But I would strongly suggest the Agons for anyone who wants a conventional looking pair of sunglasses that wants to tweak them to fit their face, or who have had issues with fogging or fitting glasses while using a bike helmet. They are well worth it.

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