Review: aceyoon Cigarette Lighter Splitter Car Charger

I tripped over a very interesting piece of tech recently for the car:


This is the aceyoon Cigarette Lighter Splitter Car Charger which I found on Amazon for $14.58 CDN. It allows you to use a 12V outlet to charge a USB device while having a 12V outlet available for use by a 12V device. Now you can see the single USB port on the front. But it has two more underneath: 


You can charge 3 devices at the same time with a max output is 3.1A. There’s also one other trick that it has:


It reports the voltage of your car battery. That way you get a hint of whether you need to replace your car battery which is kind of important if your car battery is 4 or 5 years old. The output current is displayed when the battery is charging while the car battery voltage is displayed when not charging.

Installation is simple. Plug it into the 12V outlet and you’re good to go. I tested it with an iPhone 7 Plus and an Android phone and all of them charged at a rate that I would be considered quick. I couldn’t find anything to criticize as well. At $14.58 CDN, it’s cheap enough that you could pick one up for each car that you own. 



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