Review: Rudy Project Zyon Sunglasses

My wife like yours truly has challenges with her eyesight. But unlike yours truly, she can’t solve those challenges using contact lenses. And her prescription is so strong that it makes the possibility to use prescription performance sunglasses from companies like Oakley a non-starter. That was until Rudy Project stepped into the picture with these:


Meet the Rudy Project Zyon sunglasses Two things to point out about them. First are the lenses. They are photochromic lenses that go from clear to black depending on the lighting conditions. The second thing that you should note are the prescription inserts which allow the wearer to have an optician put in their prescription to allow you to have performance sunglasses even if you’re optically challenged.


You can see that the prescription insert mounts on the nose piece. But it doesn’t affect the adjustability of the Zyon sunglasses. The nose piece as well as the arms are extremely adjustable. My wife found that it was easy to make them fit comfortably. She used them at the Epic Tour 80K (which was actually 85K) ride in Milton Ontario and found that they did a great job of keeping wind and dust out of her eyes as well as having the right amount of tint for the lighting conditions. Gripes? It took her a bit to dial in the fit so that the Zyon sunglasses provided ample protection while not having the prescription inserts press against her face and get dirty. But once she got past that, the Zyon was a total win as far as she was concerned. And she can’t wait to use these for cross country skiing with the racing red lenses that are designed to enhance contrast. One thing that isn’t pictured are side shields which give you additional protection from dust and debris. My wife chose not to use them.

IRudy Project has many models that have a prescription insert option. Not only that, depending on your prescription, a prescription lens may be an option for you. So your best bet is to visit a Rudy Project dealer that is an optician so that you can get your prescription filled at the same time. Expect to pay $250 USD and up for a pair, plus $80 for the prescription inserts, & plus the cost of the prescription lenses if you need them. According to my wife, you won’t regret it.


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