Review: OtterBox Statement Series Case for iPhone Xs

OtterBox has made a name for themselves in terms of making cases to protect your phones from drops and bumps for years. When I got my iPhone XS, I was gifted a Statement Series Case and it is a viable option for those who want protection in a bumper style case without adding a lot of bulk as it is very thin.

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The majority of the case is a polycarbonate shell which means that it will take a hit and come back for more. There’s also some rubber that surrounds the bezel to add to that. Also, the back has a leather accent to make the case feel upscale. On the sides are redundant buttons for the power switch as well as the volume controls. The mute switch is still fully exposed though. Along with the Lightning connector and speakers at the bottom of the iPhone, and the camera lenses at the back. But to me that’s not an issue. Since this is a bumper style case, you should really get a screen protector so that your OLED screen doesn’t get scratched or cracked. But other than that, this case should provide protection from drops and bumps. One thing to note on the screen front is the fact that the case extends slightly beyond the screen’s surface. So if it falls screen first, the screen should not take a direct hit.

Gripes? A minor gripe is the fact that some other brands that offer bumper style cases include screen protectors as part of the deal and OtterBox does not with this case. It’s not a deal breaker but I thought I would mention it as that stood out to me. Having said that, this OtterBox is a good option for those who want a bumper style case that will ensure that you get protection from drops without having a bulky phone to carry around. Expect to pay $ 39.95 USD for one.



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