Review: Urban Armor Gear Metropolis Case For The iPhone X/XS

I am the proud new owner of an iPhone XS and seeing as it is such an expensive phone I wanted to make sure that it was protected. So I went to my go to company for cases which is Urban Armor Gear. I had their case for the iPhone 7 Plus and that case protected that phone from drops and the like. Thus I had no issue pulling the trigger to get their Metropolis Case for the iPhone X/XS:

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As you can see from the pictures, this case has a flap that covers the screen. I felt that I wanted to have a case that did that as I didn’t want anything to scratch or crack the OLED screen that the iPhone XS comes with. Inside the flap is a felt like surface to ensure that the screen remains as pristine as possible. It also has a slot for a bank card or the like. That’s handy for me when I go out for a bike ride and I want to have a bank card in case  I want to buy something along the way. The flap has a magnetic closure to keep it closed and the magnet is strong enough that it does that really well. It’s also solid which means an impact will not make it to the screen.

The outside is textured so that your phone does not slip out of your hand. On the sides are redundant buttons for the power switch as well as the volume controls. The mute switch is still fully exposed though. Along with the Lightning connector and speakers at the bottom of the iPhone, and the camera lenses at the back. But to me that’s not an issue. Most of the phone is surrounded by a soft “ish” rubber material which is meant to take the shock from an impact. It all is put together very nicely as I could not find any build quality issues. The key thing is that this case meets military drop-test standards [MIL STD 810G 516.6] without adding bulk. Given that the iPhone XS is smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus that it is replacing, that means that I can put my phone in this case in my pocket with ease. That’s a total win as far as I am concerned. Finally, because it isn’t bulky, you can still use Apple Pay and wirelessly charge the phone.

Gripes? None really. I think that this is a great case option for someone who wants to protect their phone and doesn’t want to add a lot of bulk to the phone in question. The Metropolis case from Urban Armor Gear is totally worth looking at. Expect to pay $39.95 USD for one which is a very good price for a case of this type. 



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