Review: [Fuse]Chicken Gravity Lift Charging Stand

With phones like the iPhone XS and the Samsung Galaxy S9 which support wireless charging, having a good quality wireless charger is important. What does “good quality” mean when it comes to a wireless charger? To me it means the following:

  • Wireless charging that is either QI compatible or QI certified.
  • Multiple charging coils.
  • Excellent build quality.

Well, the folks at [Fuse]Chicken , which is one of the more interesting company names that I have come across lately, sent me this which they claim ticks all the boxes.


Meet the [Fuse]Chicken Gravity Stand. It’s made of high strength aluminum which feels very solid. The black pad is made of leather that according to the company is from a sustainable source. It feels very classy. The charger has a USB connection which means that if you want to plug it into a wall, you’ll need to supply your own USB to AC charger as one doesn’t come in the box. I tested this with my iPhone XS and it worked flawlessly in any orientation. Meaning that you won’t place your phone in the charger and it will charge 100% of the time. Now while I am a member of Team iPhone, I sought out a friend who as a member of Team Android and owns a Samsung Galaxy S8 and found no issues charging that phone as well.

I also noted this:


I noted this blue light when you have your phone in the charger. It turns off when the phone is fully charged. The light is something that may annoy you if you have this in your bedroom if you are sensitive to light. For me it was a non-issue as I’m not sensitive to light. For my wife who is sensitive to any light whatsoever, it was a big deal while the light was on. Thus your mileage may vary on that front.

So let’s check the list that I posted earlier:

  • Wireless charging that is either QI compatible or QI certified. – It worked with my iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy S8. While it doesn’t say that it is QI certified, it’s certainly compatible.
  • Multiple charging coils. – I can charge a phone in any orientation. So this is true.
  • Excellent build quality. – It’s not only built well it looks classy.

So this charging stand is a total win. Expect to pony up $59.95 USD for one.

UPDATE: I got this Tweet shortly after I posted the review:

It does not seem to support fast charging. I tested it by charging my iPhone XS for an hour and got a 40% battery life increase. So that doesn’t seem like fast charging to me. To confirm this I gave my friend with the Galaxy S8 a quick call and he noted it didn’t charge at a rate that would be consistent with fast charging but didn’t have any hard and fast figures to share with me.

UPDATE #2: [Fuse]Chicken reached out to me and told me that the coils are 10W which do support fast charge, but they’ve noticed there can be circumstances that can affect that with different device combinations.

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