Review: The Watch Strap Company Mesh Loop

Today I am reviewing the second of the two bands that I got from The Watch Strap Company. You can read yesterday’s review of the The Watch Strap Company Link Bracelet here. And in a unique twist, you’re getting two reviews of their Mesh Loop (their term for the Milanese Loop) for the price of one. The one that I am reviewing is the Black one:


And my wife is reviewing the Rose Gold one:


The first thing that we noticed is that the stainless steel that they use is very soft and comfortable to wear. In fact, it’s the best feeling Milanese Loop style Apple Watch we’ve come across with the exception of the Apple Milanese Loop. And even then, the differences if they exist are slight. Like other Milanese Loop style bands, it uses a magnetic clasp band that both my wife and I noted was very strong and stayed in place the entire day. Another thing that we noticed is the lugs have far less play than any other third party band that we’ve tried. That’s a sign that someone took the time and effort to make sure that they were putting out a quality product.

One thing that I should note that this band does have branding, but it is very minimal:


And another thing to note is that the Rose Gold band actually is the exact color of Rose Gold. We know this because our wedding rings are Rose Gold which gives us a perfect means to judge the color quality:


On the left of the wedding ring is the Watch Strap Company Mesh Loop. On the right is a Milanese Loop from Amazon that bills itself as being Rose Gold. The Watch Strap Company Mesh Loop is much closer to rose gold than the Amazon sourced loop. My wife also noted that when she wore the Watch Strap Company Mesh Loop, she got a lot of compliments as it made her Apple Watch look very upscale. That was notable because she had worn the one Amazon sourced loop several times in the past and nobody said anything. Read into that what you will.

I’ll also note that the bands seem very durable as one common complaint with the knock off bands that one typically comes across is that the painting or anodizing comes off very easily. Not so here. So far it is proven to be very durable. Especially the black band which with other bands tends to show scratches pretty easily. While I wouldn’t work out with it or anything like that, it does seem to be able to survive the rigors of daily life.

One final note, the box that the bands came in was lined with a felt like material and the band itself was wrapped up very well to protect it during transport. It all felt very high end and premium.

Gripes? We haven’t got any. We both love these bands and would highly recommend them. Though the price may put you off slightly. These bands go for $101.75 CAD which isn’t cheap. But considering that Apple wants $195 CAD for their Milanese Loop, you have to look at it this way. You’re getting something much better than a $20 Amazon knockoff at a price that’s less than what Apple is charging while getting something close to or equal to the quality of the Apple product. That to us is a win and it makes this a very easy recommendation.


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