Review: Urban Armor Gear Leather Watch Strap For Apple Watch

I am jealous of my wife as she’s using the a classy looking yet rugged leather Apple Watch band that I would love to get my hands on. It’s the Urban Armor Gear Leather Watch Strap:


My wife got her band in brown and the lugs, which have less play that I am used to, give the Apple Watch a bit of a different look.


One of the unique things about this band is this snap that locks everything into place so that there’s no way the watch will come off your wrist. In her time wearing the band, my wife noted that she didn’t feel that the strap was in any danger of coming off at any time. The strap is made with Italian Leather and intricately hand stitched. You can feel the quality of the leather and smell it as well. My wife made the comment that her co-workers thought it smelled like cuban cigars and they thought that it was a quality product. As you can see in this picture, it has a begun to patina which is a sign of a quality leather band. That’s something that my wife’s co-workers picked up on as well. All the branding is discreet and the band looks very upscale which makes it great for almost any situation. In summary, it’s a great looking and functional band that my wife loves wearing.

The Urban Armor Gear Leather Watch Strap goes for $95 and comes in black and brown. Urban Armor Gear has a great band on its hands. Now I have to get my hands on one as my wife can’t be the only one to have a good quality leather Apple Watch band



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