Review: 2019 Hyundai Tucson Ultimate – Part 3

The interior of the 2019 Hyundai Tucson Ultimate is very upscale feeling and you’l love being in it. There is one thing that is missing that I will point out in a moment, but I think you’ll have no problems spending time in this interior. Let me walk you through it:


The drivers seat is 8-way power adjustable with 2-way power lumbar support. It’s leather that’s heated and ventilated. It could be a bit longer when it comes to thigh support, but it’s a comfortable place to be. One thing that the seat is missing is memory settings which was something that I criticized the 2016 model for.


The drivers door has the window, door and mirror switches.


You’ll note that the audio is supplied by Infinity. More on that tomorrow. You’ll also note that the door has space for your water bottle which is a must have for my wife.


To the left of the steering wheel are the lighting brightness switches along with the electronic overseers and the switch for the rear hatch.


The steering wheel is leather wrapped and heated. It’s also comfortable to hold.


The gauges are improved for 2019 as the TFT screen between the gauges is sharper and better looking than the 2016 version. That’s not to say that the 2016 version was bad, but the 2019 version is better. The gauges are also a bit sharper as well.


The 8″ screen has been moved to the top of the dash (which by the way is soft to the touch). It’s sharper than the 2016 version that was in the dash and I love the fact that there are hard buttons for various functions. More on that tomorrow.


The HVAC controls (which is a dual zone HVAC unit) are below the screen. There’s also USB port, an aux audio port, and two 12V outlets. The cubby below that fit my iPhone XS with ease.


The shifter is leather wrapped and below that are various switches for the drive mode, hill decent control, the 360 degree camera and the like. There’s two cupholders to the right of that and a small storage area.


Much like the 2016 model, the cupholders pass the Starbucks venti test with ease.


There’s a storage area that’s part of the armrest that has a small shelf for coins and the like.


There’s a decent sized lit glovebox that is lit.


Over your head is a massive panoramic sunroof that just opens the Tucson up.


The back seats are made of leather and heated. I got two people back here with no issue. You can get three in here if they are all friendly.


If you don’t need to seat three people, you can use this armrest with a pair of cupholders.


There’s a HVAC vent back here and you’ll notice the power outlet below that….


….. there is a USB port. This addressed one of the criticisms that I had with the 2016 model which only came with a single USB port.


There’s a healthy amount of storage space in the back. And it’s got 60/40 folding seats to give you even more space for long and bulky items.


Here’s a picture of our weekly shopping along with some items that we were taking to Toronto’s hazardous waste drop off facility.


One cool thing about the storage area is this hook that allows you to hang a plastic shopping bag full of stuff securely so it doesn’t fly all over the place.


The hatch also has a handle that allows you to close the hatch without getting your hands dirty. But everyone will use the button to the right to get the powered hatch to close. Speaking of which, the hatch has a cool feature where you can walk up to the hatch with the key fob in your pocket, stand there for three seconds, and the hatch will automatically open.

Overall Hyundai has an interior that is very good and you’ll love being in it. I should note that there’s very good vision in every direction for the driver. No rattles, squeaks, or other annoyances were noted during my week with the 2019 Hyundai Tucson Ultimate.

Tomorrow I will talk about the technology in the 2019 Hyundai Tucson Ultimate which has a lot going for it. Stay tuned for that.



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