Review: Urban Armor Gear Nato Strap for Apple Watch

Last week the folks at Urban Armor Gear sent me two of their Nato Straps for the Apple Watch:


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The Nato Strap comes in two colors. grey and olive. I gravitated towards the olive strap which is what I wore this past week:


The branding is what you see in the picture above. The lugs have very little play as well and give the Apple Watch a bit of a different look.


There’s black anodized stainless steel hardware and it’s made with high strength nylon that as a whole looks very militaristic. But overall, I will say that it will go well with causal clothing, or perhaps business casual clothing like I tend to wear (jeans with collard long sleeve shirts is what I usually roll with).

I wore the Nato Strap for a week, and I found it to be very comfortable in daily use. But I also did a couple of rides on my bike and it was equally of comfortable. And as a plus, it dries quickly when you do something athletic and get sweaty. That combination along with the fact that my Road ID for Apple Watch fits it perfectly makes it my go to for situations where I need to wear a band during the day doing my job and then going out for a ride after work or doing some other workout without changing bands.

Gripes? Only one minor one. A black color option would be welcome to those who want a bit more of a neutral option. But other than that, this is an absolutely brilliant Apple Watch band. Expect to pay $67 CDN for one.

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