Review: 2019 Jeep Cherokee North – Part 4

he technology in the 2019 Jeep Cherokee North isn’t the longest list that I’ve had to cover given that I have the base model at my disposal, but there’s tech here that’s worth talking about. On the safety front, there’s this:

  • 8 standard airbags
  • Rear backup camera.

Options like blind spot mounting, autonomous emergency braking and the like are available as options.

A highlight in terms of the tech are the LED headlights. Not only are they bright and illuminate the road in front of you very well, but when you corner they direct extra light toward the direction that you are turning. This is a very good feature that I wish was on more vehicles.

Now to the UConnect system. Seeing as it has been a couple of years since I have reviewed a Fiat Chrysler product, UConnect has undergone some refinement as the graphics are better and the system seems more fluid. Most notably it now comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay which are welcome additions. But what hasn’t changed is the ease of use. It took me seconds to pair my iPhone via Bluetooth everything worked the way I expected. Plugging in my iPhone via USB allowed use of CarPlay. There are redundant controls that are well designed and easy to reach. When it comes to the design part, I’ll use the controls on the steering wheel as an example. Individual buttons have their own feel so that once you know what the functions are, you can use them purely based on feel. It’s excellent system to use. The one thing that I will mention as a negative is that I found that the 7″ screen made the UConnect user interface feel kind of cramped. If it were me buying this vehicle, I’d be opting for the 8.4″ screen which is just a joy to use from previous experience. Related to this, the audio system was decent. But people who care about audio will likely want to upgrade to the Alpine sound system that’s available as an option.

In the last part of my review, I’ll wrap up some loose ends and I will give you my final verdict.


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