Review: 2019 Mazda CX-5D Signature – Part 3

The interior of the Mazda CX-5 Signature is one that will humble the interiors of a lot of luxury cars. Let me walk you through it and you’ll see why I feel that way.


A nice touch is the fact that the door wraps around the bottom of the door frame. That way, your pants don’t get dirty.


The door has a mix of stitched Nappa leather, Abachi wood trim that is very classy. The window and mirror controls have a piano black finish around them that looks very upscale.


The drivers seat is made of Nappa leather and is heated and cooled. It’s 10-way power-adjustable as well. It is comfortable to sit in, but for a 6 foot tall guy like me, it could use a  bit more length for long thighs. You also get two memory settings as well.


The cockpit has a dead pedal for long drives and the pedals are easy to modulate. All the controls fall to hand easily.


The left and right gauges are real. The center gauge is a TFT screen that you can customize to display to the information that you want to see.


The steering wheel is heated and is on the chunky side. My wife who has small hands found it a bit too big for her. I found it to be fine. Your mileage may vary. Redundant controls for the infotainment system and the controls for the cruise control are on the steering wheel.


There’s a frameless rear view mirror that provides a lot more real estate to see what’s behind you.


There’s a 7″ color touchscreen display on the top of the dash above the air vents.


The HVAC controls are below the air vents. There’s also a cubby that fits my iPhone XS easily.


The shifter is leather wrapped. To the left of that is the sport mode switch. Below that is the electronic parking brake and the switch to hold the CX-5 Signature on a hill. To the right of that is the HMI Commander Switch that controls the infotainment system. There’s a piano black finish that is a bit of a fingerprint and dust magnet though when it is clean it looks very upscale.


There are two cupholders that hold a Venti sized Starbucks coffee with ease.


There’s a storage cubby that doubles as an armrest. It has a removable shelf, two USB ports and a 12V outlet.

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The glove box is lit and is decently sized.


The foot well is also lit which adds a touch of class.


There’s a power moonroof with a manual sunshade.


The rear seat sits two adults comfortably. Three is doable for short distances. The seats are heated.


There’s a HVAC vent for the back seat passengers.

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The middle seat has a panel that has two cupholders, two USB ports, and the controls for the heated seats.


The CX-5 Signature has 40-20-40 folding seats that give you a mostly flat cargo area and a whole lot of flexibility.


With the seats up there’s loads of space. Our weekly shopping fit in her with tons fo space left over.


You can flip the seats down using this handle. There is one on each side of the cargo area of the CX-5 Signature.


Also in the cargo area is a 12V outlet. Handy for tailgating.


Besides the button to close the power lift gate, there’s a handle to close the lift gate if you need it.

Overall the interior is first class in every way possible. Mazda really did a great job putting the interior together as it it really impresses anyone who sees it. I should also note that there’s very good vision in every direction for the driver. No rattles, squeaks, or other annoyances were noted during my week with the CX-5D Signature.

Tomorrow I will talk about the technology in the CX-5D Signature. Stay tuned for that.

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