Review: Hiplok Z Lok Combo

Something that I regularly do with my cycling club is to go on what is known in cycling circles as “the coffee ride”. That’s a ride where you ride to a coffee shop, have a coffee and come back. In our case, we ride from the west end of Toronto Ontario to Oakville Ontario to a small coffee shop that’s in the town. It’s about an 80KM/50 mile round trip ride. The only problem is where to park your bike so that it won’t get stolen while we enjoy our coffee. After all my bike isn’t exactly cheap and many members of the club ride bikes that are worth well north of $10,000 CDN. To mitigate the risk of having my bike stolen, I carry the Hiplok Z Lok Combo with me:


This looks like a zip tie, but it isn’t. It’s a super tough combination lock (which you can set your own combination at will) that’s designed to go through your wheel and a section of the frame to make it less attractive for thieves to steal your bike. If you could wrap it around a solid object as well, that would further deter thieves. But that object would have to be thin to make that use case work. It fits easily into a cycling jersey pocket and weighs next to nothing.

To be clear, this isn’t a high security lock. If you leave your bike in downtown Toronto with this lock, it may not be there when you get back. However, in the use case that I described earlier, which is that you use this lock in a small town to stop the “snatch and run” type of bike theft, It’s definitely a good enough deterrent. I also used a pair of these to secure our bikes on our roof rack during our trip to Prince Edward Island this past summer as the roof rack on the car has locks for the bike forks, but not for the rear wheel.

Gripes? It could be just a touch longer to make it a bit more versatile. But the flip side of that is that if it were longer, it might not fit in a jersey pocket which makes it less likely to be taken on a ride. So that’s a trade off that I suppose is fair. One suggestion I have is to take two as they are easy to carry as mentioned previously.

The Hiplok Z Lok Combo goes for about $35 CDN at your local bike shop. If you partake in coffee rides, or just want some security for your bike if you have to park it for a few minutes, this is absolutely worth a look.

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