Review: 2020 Mazda CX-30 GT – Part 2


This is the Mazda Skyactive-G 2.5l engine that puts out 186 HP and 186 pound feet of torque to all four wheels via Mazda’s i-Activ AWD system. This engine is used in a number of Mazda products. But in the CX-30, this engine comes into its own. It has a lot of power off the line and more than enough to allow you to blow by vehicles on the highway and merge onto the highway with ease. There’s zero need to put this into sport mode. But if you do, watch out. It amps things up to a level that where you can go from zero to jail if you are not careful.

The six speed transmission that’s mated to this engine is well sorted and always seems to be in the right gear to power all four wheels. And this car is incredibly nimble. On the day I returned the CX-30 to Mazda Canada, I had to make an emergency lane change when the car in front of me panic stopped and didn’t leave me with any other option such as braking. I executed the maneuver just like I was one with the car. I put that down to features like G-Vectoring Control Plus and the AWD system along with the CX-30 feels solid and inspires confidence.

So are there any gripes? There was one which was the go pedal sometimes was sometimes “jerky”. As in it would sometimes cause the CX-30 to lurch forward. As the week went along, I got used to it and the “jerky” behavior would happen less. I assume that if I had it for a longer period of time, I would just get used to it.

Fuel economy is 7.4 l/100 KM in mostly highway driving. So I expect this number to increase over the week.

Tomorrow, I will look at the interior in detail. And the CX-30 has very impressive interior even by Mazda standards. Tune in tomorrow to find out why I say that.

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