Review: Snap Ships Gladius AC-75 Drop Ship & Locust Stealth Fighter

Hot off the review of two other Snap Ships craft comes two more Snap Ships that are up for review. Starting with the Gladius AC-75 Drop Ship:

And the Locust Stealth Fighter:

To refresh your memory, Snap Ships are designed for kids ages 8 and up and go for a suggested retail price of $9.99–$39.99. To tell the epic story of the Snap Ships universe, the company behind Snap Ships which is PlayMonster has joined forces with award-winning content studio Wind Sun Sky to produce a fast-paced and edgy animated series. Season one of the series, Snap Ships Dawn of Battle launched this past Friday on YouTube with new episodes airing every Friday. But there’s more to this toy. Snap Ships is supported by an AR app which allows users to explore the vibrant world of Snap Ships. Highly detailed digital versions of the constructible toys come to life in the app and can be summoned into via Augmented Reality.

And back to help me review these Snap Ships is Zavier who is 12 years old and very, very good at reviewing products. Once he gets a drivers license, I may give him a shot at reviewing cars. But for now, I’ll stick to these Snap Ships:

First up the Locus K.L.A.W Stealth Craft. The Stealth craft is a very cool ship. Its unique design is unlike any of the other snap ships I’ve seen. It’s a sleek addition to the snap ships fleet. It’s a unique, simple and a quick build. 

Now for the Locust Support Fighter. The Support fighter isn’t breaking any new ground in terms of design but is still a great ship. It reminds me of the X-Wings from Star Wars, which isn’t a bad thing by any means. I do like the Idea of some smaller sets to add to a collection. Overall the Locust is a great kit and a nice gift for smaller children.

Now onto the Big one, the Gladius AC-75 Drop Ship Kit. First, I’ll talk about the Gladius Attack Rover. The Rover is nice but what gets me excited is the idea of land-based levels in the Snap Ships app. It would be great to drive across the various planets in the Snap Ships universe. That’s just an idea, back to the Rover kit itself. The Rover is a neat toy that anyone could enjoy. It also fits in well with the Dropship. 

On the topic of the Dropship, it’s fantastic. The AC-75 is Huge and probably my new favourite ship. The Dropship is surprisingly simple to build considering its size. It’s something that would be fun to construct with another person. The Dropship has very detailed and intricate printing. It also comes with two well-printed micro figures, the aforementioned Rover. The only issue that I’ve encountered is the time it takes to build. After you Build the second engine it starts to get repetitive. It may just be my attention span, but the final steps did get a little boring. Nonetheless, the whole set was a blast to build and I can’t wait to use it within the app. The Dropship is a spectacular gift for the upcoming holidays. The AC-75 Dropship is a 10 out of 10 in my book. 

That’s a very detailed review from Zavier and I appreciate his perspective on these new Snap Ships. It looks like based on Zavier’s review Snap Ships is two for two. It is clear to me that Snap Ships is a winner and is a great gift for kids.

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