Review: RYBPrintsLLC TagCard Flex Wallet Case For Apple AirTag

One of the things that I like about the Apple AirTag is the fact that Apple’s Find My Network is huge and from my testing, makes your stuff insanely easy to find. The downside to the Apple AirTag is that there is only one form factor which makes it difficult to use in certain use cases. For example I wanted to use it in my wallet. But simply dropping into my wallet adds a bulge and rattles about. That’s a #Fail. Which is why I figured that there had to be a solution to this problem. And I found one on Etsy via a company called RYBPrintsLLC who makes (via 3D printing) a product called the TagCard Flex Wallet Case For Apple AirTag.

I got mine in black but it also comes in white as well. The holder has a soft rubbery feel to it. And the AirTag snaps in securely into place:

When the AirTag is snapped into place it sits flush on the stainless steel side, and slightly recessed on the plastic side. The holder is 82x50x8 mm in size which makes it on the thick side. Which means that it will likely add some bulk to your wallet. Let me illustrate. Here’s my wallet without the TagCard Flex:

Now I don’t have the thinnest wallet in the universe. But it feels comfortable in my pocket. Now here’s my wallet with the TagCard Flex:

It does add some bulk. But it still feels comfortable in my pocket and it still closes fine. Though I would also say that your mileage may vary on that depending on what wallet you have. Also of note, my ability to locate my wallet isn’t affected in any way. Not that I expected it to be affected, but having reviewed products for years, stranger things have happened.

The TagCard Flex is $14.99 USD and is only available from RYBPrintsLLC’s Etsy store. I’d recommend this product if you want to want to securely put an AirTag into your wallet. It may add some bulk. But it’s worth it in my opinion.

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