Review: FlexiSpot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk EC1-V2-42″ W

For the last two years of the pandemic, my wife has been on my case about having a proper desk that is ergonomic to work from. Now I do have a desk, but it is an ergonomic nightmare. And seeing as I use a laptop, I felt that I can work from anywhere in our condo even if that meant that I wasn’t in the best ergonomic position. But I think I have changed my mind on that thanks to the folks at FlexiSpot who sent me one of their Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks. Model EC1-V2-42″ W in black to be precise. The whole idea behind these desks is that because you can adjust the height of the desk to where you need it to be, it is more ergonomically correct, and you can avoid things like back issues as a result.

Now the desk comes disassembled in a well designed box that is meant to keep the desk safe during transport.

I have to applaud FlexiSpot for this as they clearly took the time and effort to make sure that your desk is well protected during transport. And it comes with most of the tools that you need along with the screws nicely labeled in this bag:

Missing is a Phillips screwdriver or power driver which you will need later in the assembly process.

Now moving it around and assembling it is best done by two people. So my advice to you would be to find a friend to help you if order one of these. The other thing is that you should set aside 90 minutes of your time to assemble this desk.

Speaking of the assembly, let me walk you through assembling this desk which I did with the assistance of my wife:

First we assembled the legs, put the crossbeam on to connect the legs, and the transmission rod which allows the desk to move up and down.

Then it’s time to add the support arms. My wife and I didn’t pay attention to the diagram in the manual and put these on backwards. So don’t be us and make sure that you put these on right.

You then need to assemble the desk top which is dead easy as it slides together using three wooden pegs.

Here’s where things get interesting. You have to flip the legs and everything attached to them onto the desk top. Then you need a power driver or a lot of muscle to screw in the 12 screws that hold everything together. You also get to screw in the switch that moves the desk up and down. Not to mention that you have to wire everything together. Finally, you have to put the guard that protects the moving parts.

At that point you’re done and this is the finished product.

The end product is very solid and feels like a quality product. The desk is 42″ x 24″ and can have a minimum height of 28″, or raised to a height of 47.6″ as pictured here:

So for me the minimum height is the perfect height for me to sit at, and at something just below the maximum height, I can stand and still work which is perfect for achieving my stand goal on my Apple Watch. What that means is that the desk will have no issues accommodating a person on the taller side. My wife who is 5′ 6″ also tried this desk, and she could find positions on both ends of the spectrum that worked for her as well as well. The bottom line is that regardless of your size, if you combine this desk with a quality office chair, you can dial in a position that works well for you to do your job and not have back issues or any other ergonomic related issues. On top of that, you can raise the desk up so that you can stand up and keep working. One other point is that the raising and lowering of the desk is rated at 50 db or less which is fairly quiet. Testing it with my Apple Watch I can confirm that this claim is accurate.

Here’s a couple of other things that I would like to point out:

The desk can be raised and lowered with these simple controls on the right side of the desk.

There are two holes for cable management. One in each back corner of the desk.

Because the FlexiSpot desk has no storage, I’m going to have to get some other items to fully utilize it. So expect to see a follow up in about a week where I will show you my desk setup. But in the here and now, I have to say that this desk will seriously up your work from home game. Or if you have returned to the office, it will take your office game to the next level. It retails for $449.99 CAD but it is currently on sale for $389.99 CAD. It’s well worth the time to have a look at this desk as it’s a top shelf product.

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