Review: Topvork 60W PD 6-Port USB Charging Hub

Every one of us has multiple devices. If I look at myself I have the following:

And that list is only the stuff that I use daily. It doesn’t count things like my Garmin Edge 830 cyclocomputer, or the various power banks that I have. All of which need to be charged on a regular basis. And having separate chargers plugged into a power bar is a complete waste. Which is why I jumped at the opportunity to review the Topvork 60W PD 6 port USB charging hub as I can see a three use cases for it. One is at my desk, one is on a nightstand, and one when travelling becomes a thing again. Let’s look at the charging hub:

It comes in two colours, white and black. I got the white one and it is pretty nondescript. Which means it will blend into your decor just fine. And it doesn’t really take up a lot of space as it is about the size of a bar of soap that is still in the box. It’s also pretty light which means that carrying it won’t be a chore. But the stuff you care about is in the next picture:

  • You get a USB-C that supports 30W charging using the Power Delivery standard or 25W using the Programmable Power Standard (PPS).
  • You also get a USB-A port that does 18W via Qualcomm’s Quick Charge standard.
  • Finally you get four USB-A ports that do a max of 12W of charging each, or 30W combined.

All told, you get up to 60W of charging power. Here’s how the math is done:

What this basically means is that you can charge anything from an iPhone to a MacBook Air using this one adapter via one wall outlet. Not to mention things like an Apple Watch, AirPods, and the like. And charge them all at the same time.

Another thing that I’d like to point out is that this supports voltages from 100v up to 240V. Which means that you can travel with it and easily keep all your gear charged. You either have to use the right cable or a travel adapter and you’re good.

Let’s get to the charging part. To test this I ran a number of experiments:

  • I borrowed a M1 MacBook Air from a client and charged it via USB-C from 9% to full in just under 2.5 hours. From what I could tell, it charged at the same rate as the Apple charger that it came with.
  • I watched my iPhone 12 Pro go from 8% to 50% in just under 25 minutes via the USB-C port.
  • I plugged in four USB-A devices to have them charge at the same time. They seemed to be charging slightly slower than if I charged them in their respective chargers. But only slightly.
  • I plugged in the M1 MacBook Air, my iPhone 12 Pro into the USB-A QC port, and for other devices and observed to to see if any of them didn’t charge. But they all did without an issue.

Clearly this hub had no problems handling whatever I threw at it.

My only gripe is that I wish the case had something on the bottom of it to make it more grippy. I say that because it had a tendency to slide around my desk which was mildly annoying. But that really is just a minor complaint.

Regardless of your use case, Topvork 60W PD 6 port USB charging hub is an easy recommendation from me if you need to charge multiple devices at the same time. Amazon sells this for $49.99 CAD and as far as I am concerned, it’s money well spent.

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