Review: Kensington SmartFit Easy Riser Go

So what started out as a revamp of my desk setup has turned into a complete revamp of the den that my wife and I work out of because my wife is redoing her desk setup, and we’re also making some changes to other parts of the den. In regards to what my wife is up to, she’s running two computers. A Lenovo ThinkPad and my old 2015 15″ MacBook Pro. And she needs to have them both on her desk in a way that works for her. To help her with that, I set up her ThinkPad on a Kensington SmartFit Easy Riser Go laptop riser.

Now this laptop riser folds up into a thin package that allows you to put into your laptop bag and take it with you. It’s made of plastic that feels solid and it appears to be well engineered. This specific one is designed for 14″ laptops or tablets. But Kensington makes a 17″ version of this as well.

You’ll note the colour coding in this picture. This is the unique feature that sets this laptop riser apart from pretty much everything else on the market. These colours allow you to size this riser so that it is ergonomically correct for you. Kensington calls this their SmartFit System.

What you need to do is place your palm on this diagram and see what colour you match up to. In my wife’s case, she was green. That led me to set the stand up like this:

And when you add her ThinkPad to the mix, this is what you get:

For her, this is the perfect angle to view the screen of her ThinkPad. And so far this is working for her. Now one thing that I should point it is this is not meant for you to type on. Which is why she also got this Kensington keyboard from me which she is now using with both this ThinkPad and with her 15″ MacBook Pro as it supports multiple connections. The net result is that this setup is a win for her. The Kensington SmartFit Easy Riser Go laptop riser has an MSRP of $29.99 CAD and this is an easy recommendation from me whether you are on the go, or working from home like my wife is.

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