Review: Kensington Contour 2.0 Business Laptop Backpack

When I travel I tend to use a laptop case. In fact, the laptop case that I have had for well over 15 years has not only served me well, but it is in amazing condition. But since getting my hands on the Kensington Contour 2.0 Business Laptop Backpack, I am thinking about retiring it. More on that in a second. First let’s get to the backpack:

So this looks like your typical backpack. It’s made of water resistant 1680D ballistic polyester. There’s nothing special here. Right? Well, that’s not so.

For starters it opens up like this so that you can leave your laptop AND tablet in your backpack while going through an airport security checkpoint.

Though my version is for laptops up to 15.6″, my 16″ MacBook Pro fit just fine. There’s also a tablet pocket in front of the pocket for the notebook.

If you were going someplace overnight and you wanted to travel light, I can see a change of clothes fitting in here with ease.

Here is the backpack in a more “normal” configuration. Both sides have polyester with velcro attached that allows it to get into the flat configuration that you saw earlier.

The zippers for this section has hoops so that you can lock them and secure the contents.

There’s a port for those people who still use wired headphones.

Here you can see a zippered pocket that is not easily seen. You can pop sunglasses or perhaps valuables in there.

There’s a compartment where you can store, pens, your phone, and other random items. And there’s a strap with a hook for something that you don’t want rattling about.

What puts this laptop into “top tier” is the fact that it comes with an RFID blocking section. Drop your passport or anything else with an RFID chip in here and it will be safe from threat actors who might try to scan it.

There are two zippered pockets on either side of the backpack. One has mesh that allows you to pop a water bottle into it. The other has a pocket for small items.

There’s another zippered pocket for smaller items. By the way, this Kensington logo is the only noticeable logo on the backpack. While there are logos on the zippers, the branding is pretty minimal and low key. Bonus points for that.

Moving to the back, there’s a strap that allows you to slide the backpack through the handle of your carry on. That’s a feature I really like when travelling.

Above and below that is padding that’s designed to get rid of heat. The straps also are designed to do the same thing as well. It also moves the backpack into a body hugging position which makes it easier on your back. That of course assumes that you take the time and effort to adjust the straps properly. I should also note that the padding feels really great when I wear the backpack.

I have to admit that this is a well designed backpack that once the world stops ending, I can see myself using when travelling. The build quality is excellent, which means that I wouldn’t have any concerns about it falling apart or getting damaged. I should note that there are two other versions of this backpack. There’s one for 14″ laptops, and one for 17″ laptops. So it is highly likely that Kensington has a Contour 2.0 backpack that fits your needs. My version has an MSRP of $114.99 CDN which isn’t cheap. But in my opinion it’s worth it given the feature set and the quality that this backpack has.

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