Review: MorfCraftStudio Airpods Pro Leather Case

Followers of my Twitter account might have seen me take a few pictures of all the red tech items that my wife owns:

However she recently got a set of AirPods Pro and I wanted to give them the same red treatment. But I wanted to do something different that I wouldn’t get roasted over she would appreciate. So after some looking around, I came across an Etsy seller called MorfCraftStudio which sells a leather AirPods Pro case that you can get in many colours and even customize. I got it red (no shock there) and put my wife’s name on it:

The outside is leather and you can actually smell it. It feels like a quality product and appears to be put together well. The inside of the case is crafted from high-impact resistant plastic so that if you drop it, the AirPod Pros and the case will be safe. You can see a ring to allow you to put a carabiner or keyring on it.

The inside of the top half of the case has adhesive that allows you to stick it to your AirPods Pro Case.

The bottom half is friction fit to the AirPods Pro case. And I can say it isn’t coming off easily when you slide it off. You can also see the hole for the Lightning cable that charges the AirPods Pro.

You can also see that the indicator light for the AirPods Pro is still visible.

The bottom line is that this is a well designed product. Clearly a lot of effort went into making this. Installation took a couple of minutes at most and the net result is that you have an AirPods Pro case that feels good in the hands and looks unique. And that look will likely get even more unique as it will patina over time. I will note that the corners do not line up perfectly because it’s leather and handmade. But that is an extremely minor grip for a product that I have no issues recommending to you.

Pricing starts at $26.59 USD (though these are currently on sale for 30% off as I type this). Add engraving and the price jumps $39.86 USD (again these are currently on sale for 30%). And there’s shipping on top of that. But given the quality of this case, I think it is well worth the price.

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