Review: Groove Life Groove Belt

After doing a round up of my every day carry items for 2022, I put out a call for suggestions that I could add to it. I got a few suggestions that I should have a look at the Groove Life Groove Belt as the people who brought it to my attention said it was a very comfortable belt that is built to last. I got mine in black and it looked like this when it arrived.

The packaging is pretty minimal and attractive. But let’s unpack the belt and examine it.

The buckle is one key feature. It’s made of A380 aluminum alloy and you can see the hooks that it has that mates to the other side of the buckle.

The other half of the buckle has rare earth neodymium magnets to make sure that it doesn’t pop off. I should note that if you have a pacemaker or something similar, the magnets will make this belt a pass for you.

When both sides snap together, it makes a loud snap that makes you feel like you’re superhero getting ready to save the world. Which is handy as Groove Life has done collaborations with Marvel and DC among other companies if nurturing your inner superhero is your thing. Unsnapping the belt is quick and easy as well.

The buckle of my black on black Groove Belt looks pretty classy.

And the belt looks well put together as there are these bolts connecting the buckle to the rest of the belt.

The webbing that the belt is made of is interesting. You basically set the belt to the right length and that’s it. I would start with something on the snug side as this belt does have a bit of give to it to allow it to be comfortable without it feeling excessively stretchy. There’s a loop to make sure that the belt stays neat and tidy.

I’ve been using this belt for the last couple of days, and I can say that once I dialled in the right length, it was very comfortable to wear regardless if what I have been doing. Which in the time that I have had it included crawling under desks, working in server rooms, driving, long walks, shopping and doing laundry among other things. So far it has maintained its shape which is important as that is part of having the belt look good. Speaking of looking good…

The belt looks good with a pair of jeans…..

And it looks good with a pair of dress pants. One thing that I didn’t test was the ability to carry and conceal a firearm while being comfortable at the same time. That’s because of Canada’s rather strict gun laws, firearms are not a thing in this country. I am pointing this out because this was pointed out to me as a key feature by some of the people who brought this belt to my attention. Fortunately, someone else did this test for me:

So if carry and conceal is your thing, this is your belt.

Finally, the belt comes with a “No BS 94 Year Warranty”. In short, this belt should out live you.

Do I have any cons? The only thing that I will point out is that it took me almost three weeks to get this belt. And despite the fact that the website promising shipping within 24 hours, I had to text their help line to get the order moving. Though the belt actually shipped three days after I pinged them. Now some if this might be due to the fact that I am in Canada. But three weeks for shipping seems a bit long to me given that I get stuff from the US typically within days.

The Groove Life Groove Belt is $59 USD and it’s available in a number of styles to match your style. This is a very comfortable belt which has a bit of cool factor built into it. Just make sure to temper your shipping expectations accordingly.

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