Review: Creative Aurvana Trio LS Earphones

Wireless earphones are all the rage. But audiophiles know that quality audio comes from having a hardwired connection. Which is why wired earphones haven’t faded into history. And today I have a pair of wired earphones that offer an insane value proposition. And those are the Creative Aurvana Trio LS. Let’s have a look at them:

One cool party trick is that each earbud has a magnet that allows them to click together like this. That means that they are less likely to get tangled.

In this picture you see a button and microphone. The single click button offers the following controls:

  • Single click to play
  • Single click to pause
  • Answer/hang up calls

This is a gold plated Gold-plated CTIA 4-pole 3.5 mm jack. This Plug has a number of uses for Audio, Video and Computer Applications. Since we’re talking audio at the moment, this type of plug allows for ground, left channel, right channel, and microphone.

Out of the box, the Aurvana Trio LS comes with the following:

  • The earphones
  • Small and large ear tips (medium eartips are preinstalled)
  • Cloth bag

So, the big questions are, how does it sound, and what is the microphone quality like. Let’s start with the sound. These earphones use a Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) driver. And that allows these earphones to sound as follows:

  • They sound responsive at lower frequencies
  • Treble does not sound harsh at all
  • While there is a emphasis on bass, they don’t sound over the top on that front.
  • The midrange is also emphasized but isn’t over the the top.

What helps with all of this is that the earphones are designed to be noise isolating. Meaning that it passively removes environmental noise because they are in your ear. So if you like a sound that is not bass or treble heavy, these earphones are for you.

To test the quality of the microphone, I plugged it into my MacBook Pro and recorded an MP3 file to get this result:

This to me suggests that the microphone will be perfectly fine for you if you have to do a Zoom or Teams call, or if you have to answer a good old fashioned phone call. Assuming that your phone still has a headphone jack.

Here’s the part that really gets my attention. Creative Aurvana Trio LS go for $39,99 USD which given what you get here, I would give my stamp of approval on. If you need a pair or wired earbuds that have quality audio and a quality microphone, these ones are ones that are worth a look.

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