Review: Anker 323 USB-C 32W Two Port Charger

Recently I had to help a client set up an iPhone 7 that was gifted to her. But there were two issues right up front that I had to deal with. One was that the phone did not come with a charger or a Lightning cable. The second was that the phone’s battery was dead. As in completely drained. In terms of the latter, that’s where this came in:

This is the Anker 323 USB-C 32W two port charger. It’s a 32W cIharger has some neat features:

The first is that it has fold out prongs. While they aren’t removable and are clearly intended for North America, this is handy as it won’t poke through anything in your bag or your pocket. By the way, this fits in your pocket with ease and doesn’t weigh a lot.

The business end of the charger is here with one USB-C port capable of charging at 20W, and one USB-A port capable of charging at 12W. It also has smarts to make sure that nothing gets overcharged.

I used this via USB-A to charge her iPhone 7 to get it to the point that it would turn on. That took about 20 minutes as the iPhone 7 as that phone supports fast charging at 10W. So that part worked. But in the interest of going down the rabbit hole further, I drained my iPhone 12 Pro and I was able to charge it from 10% to 50% in just under 30 minutes. I also tested charging two devices at the same time and that worked as well with no issues. Build quality seems good as well which means it should last for years.

So all of that sounds great. But what cons do I have? Well, other than the fact that this is clearly designed for North American use only, none really. This really doesn’t go out of its way to do a whole lot other than to be a good charger that is easily transportable. At $35 USD, it’s at a good price point that it deserves a place in your gear bag.

Oh. In case you were wondering, I gave the client a brand new Apple 5W charger and brand new Lightning cable so that she could charge the phone and do data transfer.

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