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Inflation is up, and wages are stagnant. That means that every dollar that you spend has to go further. Recent reports have found that 85 per cent of Canadians are concerned that their income won’t be able to keep up with inflation.

That doubly true when it comes to tech. For example, buying a new phone may no longer be an option for you and a used phone could be the way to go. But buying a phone from Craigslist may be a dodgy proposition as you don’t know if you are getting a phone that is in good shape and that will last.

That’s where Mobile Klinik comes in. This Canadian retailer offers the widest range of high-quality used devices from trusted brands – providing customers with a budget-friendly way to upgrade and trade-in mobile devices, as well as the ability to earn money on old devices. These options are not only friendlier on the environment, but are also a little lighter on the wallet.

One thing that I like about Mobile Klinik is that unlike a lot of shops that fix phones, their stores are bright and very welcoming. In fact they’ve won an award for their retail design.

Mobile Klinik also offers multiple cost-effective, sustainable mobility solutions that are convenient and affordable, including:

  • The chance to get $100 off the price of a used or repaired device when activated in-store. All used devices come risk-free with a 1-year warranty.
  • A Sustainability Credit, offering customers the chance to save $5 per month on their phone bill when they activate a used or repaired device in-store.
  • The ability to repair, sell or trade-in old devices at any of its 125+ stores coast-to-coast to extend their lifecycle and prevent them from ending up in landfills.

Thus if I were a parent who needed a new phone for my child, I would be looking at Mobile Klinik as an option as that would be a good cost containment option. Speaking of back to school, Canadians can take advantage of these Mobile Klinik Back to School promotions:

  1. A wide selection of used iPhones starting at $99, while quantities last.
  2. A free phone case and screen protector, plus get two years of free unlimited screen repairs when you buy and activate a used device.
  3. Free Skullcandy earbuds with the purchase of select devices.

Thus if you are looking for a phone upgrade, or you need your phone fixed, take a look at Mobile Klinik as I have sent a few of my clients to them, and they have been pleased with the results. Which says to me that you’ll be as well.

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