Review: Otofly Ocean Band For Apple Watch

Today I’m having a look at the Otofly Ocean Band For Apple Watch. It’s a more affordable alternative to the Apple offering and looks pretty much the same based. Let’s start with what you get in the box:

You get the two parts of the band along with a metal clip that you can use to make sure that the band stays in place. While the metal used in the band is not titanium like the Apple offering, I doubt anyone will complain about that. I should note that the lugs fit well in my Apple Watch Ultra, so no complaints there either.

The band has a lot of adjustability in it which means it will fit big and small wrists with no issues. And the entire time that I wore it, it felt comfortable on my wrist. I did test it doing some Apple Fitness+ workouts and it stayed secure on my wrist for the strength and HIIT workouts that I did. I also did go for a swim in my condo’s pool and had no issues there either. If you wanted to actually use it for diving, there is an extension band available. Though I couldn’t find it on the Otofly website at the time of writing this review. But as far as I am concerned, this band is a total win as it works for those want a band that is going to stay on your wrist no matter what at a lower price point than what Apple offers. The Otofly Ocean Band For Apple Watch currently lists for $25.99 on their website and comes in 25 colours to match your style.

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