It Must Suck To Be Microsoft These Days….

Think about what’s happened to Microsoft lately. You have over 90% of the computer market tied up, and to increase that dominance you come out with Windows Vista. It quickly became the butt of jokes and even Apple comes out with commercials taking shots at it like this one and this one which explains why people are filling Apple Stores to buy Macs (note the part about 53% year-over-year growth in Apple Store sales). Not to mention that it had serious compatibility issues. Now I think things have hit rock bottom with the news that Microsoft is now facing a class action lawsuit over what “Vista Capable” means. In a nutshell, the lawsuit argues that computers that were labeled as “Vista Capable” in 2006 were not actually able to run Vista’s advanced features such as the Aero user interface that’s found in the more advanced versions of Vista that Microsoft had been hyping for the better part of a year. Those computers instead could only use Vista Basic which I consider to be a warmed over version of Windows XP. This could get expensive for Microsoft, even if they settle out of court. I imagine that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is tossing some chairs across his office right now.

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