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BREAKING: Intel CEO Resigns Over Relationship With Employee That Was “Consensual”

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It appears that Intel is having a #MeToo moment.

Intel has put out a press release in the last hour saying that CEO Brian Krzanich has resigned after it came to light that he had a “consensual” relationship with an employee:

Intel was recently informed that Mr. Krzanich had a past consensual relationship with an Intel employee. An ongoing investigation by internal and external counsel has confirmed a violation of Intel’s non-fraternization policy, which applies to all managers. Given the expectation that all employees will respect Intel’s values and adhere to the company’s code of conduct, the board has accepted Mr. Krzanich’s resignation.

Now taking over on an interim basis as CEO is Robert Swan who was the CFO.

The first thing that I thought of when this came to my attention was the Mark Hurd gong show that went down while he was at HP. Though he did eventually resurface at Oracle. I guess a similar reinvention is what Krzanich is hoping for. But in the here and now, Krzanich is dealing with optics that don’t look too good.


Bell Named Fastest ISP In Canada By PC Magazine… Rogers Ends Up Third

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PC Magazine has released their report on the Fastest ISPs in Canada, and Bell took the crown by a fair margin. Second was Bell Aliant which was just slightly ahead of Rogers. But both were behind Bell by fair amount.

The reason that Bell won was their deployment of their Fibe Internet offering. An offering that I’ve said is going to push Bell to the front of the pack because competitors like Rogers have no way to match that. And I fully expect that Bell’s advantage over their competition is only going to increase as they are aggressively rolling this offering out to everywhere they can.

I have to admit that switching to Bell is really tempting. If they could clean up their customer service issues, they would be free to take my money.

Avaya Cloud Solutions Now Available through Telarus

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Avaya today announced that Telarus, the largest, privately-held technology services distributor (master agent) in the U.S., is offering Avaya cloud unified communications (UC) and contact center (CC) solutions through the Avaya Master Agent program. As an industry thought leader, Telarus will help drive Avaya’s Communications Cloud solutions through its nationwide network of sales agents.

Telarus sales agents can offer an industry-leading solution to customers which will include:

  • Unified communications services, fully hosted by Avaya;
  • Bundled carrier services, i.e., minutes, SIP Trunks;
  • Desktop options;
  • Delivery, management, and support, and
  • Monthly, subscription-based billing.

Telarus is the newest cloud Master Agent for Avaya. Avaya will host a booth at the Telarus Partner Xchange Conference on June 19-21, 2018, where sales agents can learn more details directly from Avaya experts.

For more information about becoming an Avaya sales agent, please email


MiniTool Supplies Different Data Recovery Solutions For Different Needs

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The newly released MiniTool Power Data Recovery V8.0 has made some improvements in many respects to optimize its data recovery efficiency, such as the clear interface, improved four recovery modules This PC, Removable Disk Drive, Hard Disk Drive and CD/DVD Drive, and more human-friendly scan design.

With this software, users can not only recover deleted files but also recover data from a storage device which can’t normally be used due to some errors. When it comes to errors which make users can’t open the storage device, some errors should be mentioned because many users have encountered them in real life and asked for solutions online, such as external hard drive not recognized, location is not available, error code 43, Blue Screen of Death, and more.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery, a piece of free data recovery software, is recommended to recover data from storage devices with these errors. Users who are facing the following errors when using storage device can try this software to recover data.

External Hard Drive Not Recognized

Some users would like to use an external hard drive to back up the data on the computer to keep these files safe. So, an external hard drive which contains many valued files is really important to users. If this external hard drive is not recognized by the computer, users need to find a proper way to make it back to normal state and use it again.

Some external reasons, such as dead USB port and Windows driver issues, can be fixed without data loss. However, if the external hard drive is shown as unallocated space or has a wrong file system, users need to operate MiniTool Power Data Recovery to rescue data on the drive with error external hard drive not recognized, and then fix it by partitioning, initializing or formatting to its normal state.

Location Is Not Available

The drive is inaccessible when location is not available happens. But, users discover that they receive various error messages like the volume does not contain a recognized file system, the parameter is incorrect, access is denied, the file or directory is corrupted, CRC error and unreadable, and more.

These errors can be fixed in different ways accordingly. But, if there are some important files on the drive, users should recover these data firstly to avoid data loss.

The best solution to recovering files from the drive with this issue is to use MiniTool Power Data Recovery. And then, users can deal with location is not available issue without losing its data. Some common error messages are involved in this post: 7 Situations Where There Is the “Location Is Not Available” Error. Users can read it and learn some useful solutions.

Error Code 43

When code 43 error happens, users can discover that the target device status in Device Manager is shown as “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)”.

This error often happens to a USB drive, printer, external mouse, keyboard, and so forth. To fix this issue, users can try to reboot the computer, diagnose in Device Manager Windows, use a powered USB hub, replace the USB device by a new one, or reinstall Windows operating system.

If a USB drive which contains many useful files has this issue, users should consider using MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover its data before fixing it to reduce the risk of data loss. A Troubleshooting Guide for Error Code 43 in Device Manager tells users how to deal with this issue in detail.

Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is a kind of stop error which happens after a fatal system error. In this situation, a blue screen with some words will display on the computer, and users can’t operate the machine normally, let alone the data on the hard drive.

Some available solutions are mentioned in this article Solved – Data Recovery after Blue Screen of Death, including undoing newly made changes, checking PC’s internal hardware, running a virus scanning, updating hardware driver, reinstalling Windows, and so forth.

As mentioned in the above post, to prevent users from losing the important data on the computer hard drive, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is recommended to restore these data before solving BSOD error. Users can remove the computer hard drive from the faulty computer, connect it to a normal working computer, and then use this software to rescue the data. Or users can use MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk to recover data from the faulty computer directly.

In fact, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is not limited to solve these four issues. When some other issues happen to the storage device, users also can try this software to recover its files.

About MiniTool

Located in Canada, MiniTool team bends itself to researching and developing various kinds of computer software, including disk management program, data recovery software, and computer data backup tool. MiniTool software wins millions of users in the world due to its excellent performance. For more information about this company, please visit

Paragon Software Releases Image Mounter

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Paragon Software Group has released Image Mounter by Paragon Software – a multi-format disk image mounter that enables in-depth analysis of user data. The software allows mounting RAW images and virtual drives, such as VMDK, VDI, VHD, pVHD, and VHDX. Integration with proprietary file system drivers enables smooth, high-performance operation with Linux and APFS-formatted drives under Windows. This tool targets IT professionals, researchers, and forensic experts requiring bit-to-bit copy of volumes or entire devices.


  • Mount RAW images and a variety of virtual disk images;
  • Physical level mounting of disks, including all partitions;
  • Automatic OS mounting of partitions when formatted in known formats;
  • File System Link technology to ensure cross-platform compatibility across Linux, HFS+, and APFS-formatted drives in a Windows environment;
  • Full availability of standard OS features for handling mounted disks of known formats;
  • Mount mode selection: Read-only or read-write;
  • Easy unmount in any required order.

Paragon File System Link — a set of cross-platform file system drivers — is available as a user application, self-contained kernel, embedded modules, or full-blown SDK libraries. Paragon File System Link ensures data safety, stable operation, native performance, minimal resource footprint, and consistent user experience. For OEM inquiries, please contact the Paragon Technology Center at

Availability: The preview version of Image Mounter by Paragon Software can be downloaded free from

The Canadian Government Has Failed Canadians By Not Taking The Potential Threat That Huawei Is Seriously

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Chinese company Huawei has been in the news along with Chinese company ZTE because of the potential of both companies being a national security threat. The United States has taken a really hard line against both companies. But so far, the Canadian Government hasn’t done or said much of anything against either company. This despite US lawmakers raising this as an issue with the Canadian Government.

So let’s walk through this. Are these companies threats to Canada? I can’t answer that. But the evidence is there that suggests that they might be. And that evidence comes from people who should be in the know. Thus if I were the Canadian Government, I would at least look at the evidence to see if there’s anything there. And if there is, I’d take immediate action. But saying nothing and doing nothing is not an option. At least not in this day and age because not only is this a potential threat to Canada, but a threat to our allies as well. The Canadian Government has a responsibility to protect Canadians from these threats. At the moment it doesn’t seem like they’re interested in doing so. Thus they’ve failed Canadians on this front.

I for one hope they wake up and take this issue seriously before it’s too late.

HP Unveils 2017 Sustainable Impact Report

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Today, HP released the 2017 Sustainable Impact Report, showcasing HP’s commitment to creating technology that makes the world better for everyone, everywhere.

From building a stronger circular economy to creating an inclusive workforce and equipping classrooms across the world, HP is driving sustainable impact as a business imperative. This is not just the right thing to do, it fuels innovation, growth, and creates a stronger and healthier company for the long term.

2017 Key Achievements

  • HP saw a 38 percent YoY increase in deals where sustainability was a requirement
  • HP won over $1 billion of new revenue where sustainability was a key differentiator
  • 87 percent of employees agree that HP is socially and environmentally responsible, and 73 percent agree that they see HP values being demonstrated in their everyday lives.
  • For the sixth year in a row, HP was named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index
  • In 2017, we won the World Environment Center Gold Medal Award for Corporate Sustainability
  • Furthering our commitment to integrity and an inclusive work environment, 99.62 percent of employees completed ethics training in 2017, surpassing our goal of 99 percent


Report Highlights


  • Helped suppliers cut more than 1.05 million tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) since 2010
  • 38 percent decrease in Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions compared to 2015
  • 90.9 percent landfill diversion rate, globally


  • 85 percent of employees feel HP values diversity
  • Diverse hires are on the rise in the U.S., with an 8% increase in y/y from 26.8% in 2016 to 34.5% in 2017


  • Through 2017, more than 14.5 million students and adult learners have benefited from HP solutions that advance quality learning and digital literacy and enable better learning outcomes since the beginning of 2015.
  • $750,000 provided by the HP Foundation to assist with disaster preparedness, relief, and recovery efforts in 2017



  • 93% of product models shipped were Energy Star Certified
  • Achieved our Zero-Deforestation goal for the second year in a row.
  • Produced HP-branded paper from entirely certified and recycled sources and 72% fiber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • Release of the HP ENVY Photo 6200, 7100, and 7800 printers, the world’s first-in-class printers made with closed-loop recycled plastics.
  • HP’s 2016 initiative to source plastic bottles from Haiti to make ink rink cartridges has been successful- Through March 2018, HP sourced more than 170 tonnes of likely ocean-bound plastic (over 8.3 million plastic bottles) from Haiti for use in HP original ink cartridges, all while providing 50 children with educational opportunities as well as food and medical assistance, and created more than 420 income opportunities for adults.
  • Upcycled an estimated 86 million apparel hangers and 4 billion post-consumer plastic bottles out of landfills for use in HP ink and toner cartridges

Personal Systems:

  • Decrease in materials intensity of 8% for personal systems products.
  • 82% of models of products shipped in 2017 were energy star certified.
  • Worked with Chinese carton suppliers to import high-performing cartons, reducing carton weight by 62 grams per box- saving over 2,300 tonnes of material and more than 5,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

3D Printing:

  • The HP Jet Fusion 3D processing station enables industry-leading surplus material reusability of 80%, and the thermoplastic materials used in our printers offer the potential for recycling as the technology scales.
  • 3D printing technology has been incorporated into HP’s own products- One of four Latex printer models replaced an aluminum part with a redesigned 3D printed nylon part, resulting in a 93% decrease in weight and a 95% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions while cutting costs by 50%.
  • Jet Fusion technology decreases greenhouse gas emissions and resource consumption at volumes of up to 1,500 parts for one type of plastic and 5,200 for another type. The decreased weight of 3D printed parts requires significantly less energy consumption for manufacturing.

You can read the detailed report here.