Vista – Hated By Everyone Including Microsoft

As you may have read previously in this blog, Microsoft is facing a class action lawsuit over the “Vista Capable” program. The discovery process of that lawsuit forces the software giant to produce some internal emails relating to the Vista Capable program. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has published extracts of some of those emails, along with a link to a a PDF file containing a more extensive email exchange. The contents of these e-mails are absolutely shocking at times. For example, it turns out that although Intel’s 915 chipset (the chipset found in the vast majority of low end PC’s) was initially rejected as compatible with Vista, MS execs flatly admit that “In the end, we lowered the requirements to help Intel make their quarterly earnings so they could continue to sell motherboards with the 915 graphics embedded” and “We are caving to Intel. We worked the last 18 months to drive the UI experience and we are giving this up.”


The emails also reflect a lot of frustration among senior Microsoft personnel about Vista’s performance problems and hardware incompatibilities, and even retailers asking hardware vendors such as HP not to put Vista Capable stickers on their hardware because the stickers were confusing.

So far this story seems to be only floating around the blogosphere and in Seattle (where Microsoft is located), but if this story gets wide coverage (as in CNN, MSNBC, Fox News), people’s opinions about Microsoft are really going to nosedive. Perhaps Apple will use Vista’s problems in a commercial or two? Oh wait, they have.

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